Clinked Virtual Data Room

The diversity of document flows, a significant number of performers, sources, and users of information indicate the crucial importance of office automation via Data Room as an integral part of e-business infrastructure.

Virtual Data solution for automation of document management

Enterprise document management requires a properly organized document management system. Today, for efficient and fast work, companies simply need electronic document management. With its help, you can keep an electronic archive, control the movement of documents, execution of orders, and much more. Electronic document management ensures by Electronic Data Room simplifies the joint work of employees with documents and files, increases the efficiency of the team and the company as a whole.

A frequent typical scheme of file exchange implementation is accompanied by such problems as:

  • lack of control and transparency of the distribution of valuable electronic documents of the company;
  • uncontrolled growth of files within the document storage, the inability to predict storage volumes and reasonable quotas;
  • inability to implement a convenient and secure process of access to the file exchange system;
  • accumulation and reproduction of documentation that is not used online, but has value with possible access to it by third parties;
  • the possibility of violating the confidentiality of information during storage and transmission of electronic documents;
  • unauthorized distribution of private documents to third parties;
  • the possibility of introducing and distributing malicious software along with the company’s electronic files with subsequent infection of adjacent IT systems of the company.

To deal with these issues an innovative Virtual Data Room solution has been realized.

A Digital Data Room is a cloud for storing and processing important and mostly confidential documents. In the course of digitization, electronic data is becoming increasingly important for every property. In contrast to physical rooms, which make all important documentation available in a neutral location, virtual data rooms perform the same function online, so that (with the appropriate authorization) all required files can be viewed at any time, passed on, and processed without difficulty.

Clinked Virtual Data Room: what are the functions?

There are other challenges when choosing the right Data Room. The market for software providers is broad and ranges from startups to large players. Clinked Data Room is one of the leaders in the marketplace. This multifunctional software product allows you to set up business processes, as well as organize joint work of employees at the enterprise

Clinked Virtual Data Room is characterized by the following functions:

  • acceleration of document processing – if the company’s departments are located in different rooms, the paper document must be personally carried there for approval. In electronic document management, the required document reaches the employee in a split second;
  • 24-hour remote access – if necessary, access to the EDI system can be arranged via the Internet from any computer;
  • document search – you can search in the general database of documents by keywords and expressions;
  • convenient work with versions – during editing the system saves each version. If necessary, you can track who and when made changes to the document.

So, with Clinked software toy can benefit from easy file access, sharing, and collaboration with minimal data protection risk with file encryption, individual watermarks for documents, regulatory compliance, and other functions. You can manage user access or restrict the rights to print, share or download files and get a complete overview of who is using your content, when, and how. Detailed access rights regulate which parties are allowed to view which documents; accordingly, the security, traceability, and quality of the documentation for sales, renovations, or investments increase.