Venue (by DFIN) Virtual Data Room

To keep your data safe, you should refrain from regular cloud services, the security of which is often insufficient. Virtual Data Room provides a professional solution for every transaction that contains confidential data.

Virtual Data Room: modern needs – modern solutions

The amount of data that a company collects is growing more and more. Today it is hard to imagine that employees grapple with files and analog documents. The Data Room started as a physical repository where companies stored vital information. However, this has changed with the introduction of the Virtual Data Room (VDR). It is a web-based platform on which documents are loaded with several security functions to prevent unauthorized access to such documents.

The common practice of storing information on a hard drive puts that information at risk. Worse, if the information stored is highly sensitive, and if hackers breach the security of the computer on which that information is stored, the information will be sent to a competing company for a fee or may be compromised.

Digital Data Room is used in the following spheres:

  • Financial services. Secure data rooms refine communication with customers and colleagues so that you can exchange confidential information from multiple parties and work on confidential large projects. They are easy to use for financial services, profitable, and safe.
  • Biological companies use VDR for M&A deals, clinical trials, secure file exchange, fundraising, listing biotech companies, and regulatory communications. This saves time and money and ensures complete data security for every IPO in the biotech industry.
  • Optimize the Due Diligence process by moving negotiations and document management from the insecure e-mail method to a secure virtual data room using Data Room. These rooms can keep everything under control and safe.
  • As a rule, governments try to invest in new infrastructure. VDR helps smooth out complex auxiliary transactions and complete them successfully. They can be used by users to demonstrate the cash flow of their infrastructure and utilities, get an idea of successful results, monitor workflows, and receive secure and intelligent offers.

The peculiarities of Venue Virtual Data Room

There are common cloud solutions for private use or secure cloud repository, for example, Virtual Data Room. The service offers functions that are specifically based on the processes of viewing confidential data in corporate transactions. It provides the highest security standards among cloud solutions. For example, it records who last had access to which folders and files.

Venue (by DFIN)  is a web-based platform with extremely high control standards for documents and data to manage and share confidential information and to keep an eye on the actions of all users. The Data Room is modular, scalable, multimedia, and highly customizable. The developers not only offer a software package but combine many years of experience in working with a variety of projects. The representatives of Venue maintain the platform at a consistently high level and regularly improve all modules created on its basis.

The use of Venue (by DFIN) is not only limited to the storage of information, but also the transfer of this information to privileged persons. This explains why it becomes a common characteristic between different institutions. Institutions such as banks and law firms attract their customers to such solutions.

Venue VDR can be used for transactions in which confidential information is exchanged. The main advantages for users include:

  • reliable service;
  • strong security
  • user-friendliness
  • convenience;
  • competitive cost;
  • fast cooperation.